Grassland Injectors

This is an excellent top tilth machine after ploughing or for stubble cultivation. Incorporating a depth of 5 – 15cms with excellent results it is ideal before and after rape. Slurry is dribbled down in front of the discs to maximise full usage of the machine and incorporate it into the soil, followed by the Double D Packer to press the soil back down. This is a very popular high speed, one pass cultivation machine – which combines the two tasks together and leaves the land ready to drill, therefore savings of time and costs are passed on to the farmer.

Simba Express 1

A very popular machine, 7.2m in width for grassland or growing crops of up to 15cm in height.  With the Xerion on 100% crab steer the impact to growing crops leaves an accurate and very tidy finish.  Even on wet moist land there is virtually no compaction into the soil or damage to the crop.  The wheels of the machine do not travel over the other wheels – they all run independently on the land.  The machine injects the slurry into grooves 2.5 – 5cm deep, so the roots of the crop can immediately benefit from the application.

Kaweco Grassland Injector 1 Kaweco Grassland Injector 2









This 6m machine in conjunction with the Xerion is ideal for stubbles that need to be ploughed in, as the soil or plants are not disturbed and the ploughman can make a good clean furrow. Also, it can be used on growing grass or cereals with very little leaf contamination, and because this machine will not move the soil, it is extremely beneficial for well-established fields which do not need disturbing.

Trailing Shoe

Xerion with a 24 metre dribble bar for low applications in growing crops. We can operate on arable land with 24 metre tramlines, or grassland without tramlines.

Dribble Bar