2 x KV vari width ploughs with 28” mould boards with a packer maxi mack.

We have a variety of cultivators in our fleet to cope with the different soil types and different weather conditions.

  • 4 metre Knight M Press one pass.
  • 6 metre Lemkin min till cultivator.
  • 4 leg sub-soiler with rear press.
  • Kkk 6 metre cultivator.
  • 4 and 6 metre power harrows.

All machinery will suit a variable amount of soils.

Drilling is completed with a Vaderstad Direct Drill or if required our Powerharrow Drill. All types of Crop/Seed Drilling Undertaken – including Maize

  • Verdistate 4 metre drill, an accurate machine, for direct drilling of grass or straight forward cereal drilling.
  • Powerhouse 4 metre combi drill to cover welter years and liked by a lot of farmers.
  • Trailed 8 row KV maize drill disc coulters and very accurate precision drilling.
  • 2 x 6 row KV mounted drills with Suffolk coulters, good for the small field with lots of corners.

Self-propelled Bateman RB25, 24 metre booms with 2 sets of wheels. There is no better machine for the job! It has a variable wheel width which is ideal for maize spraying without running on growing plants.

Fertilizer spreading with KV spread and mounted crane. We are self-sufficient to spread by ourselves. We can load and spread.

We are self-sufficient to spread by ourselves, loading and spreading.

  • KV Spreader
  • Mounted Crane

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